Seaplane Flights Sydney

A seaplane flight is a very unique and stunning way to see Sydney. Seaplanes offer the convenient and tranquil ability to take off and land on water which allows the passengers a swift flight over Sydney and its surroundings. Below are some amazing scenic seaplane flights and dining packages available around Sydney.

Scenic flight (15 minutes)

AU$230 per person

Scenic flight (30 minutes)

AU$315 per person

Lunch flight (2 hours)

AU$425 per person

Lunch flight (4 hours)

AU$605 per person

Lunch flight (4 hours)

AU$610 per person

Lunch flight (4 hours)

From AU$555 per person

Lunch flight (4 hours)

AU$620 per person

Scenic Flight & Cruise

From AU$1,890 (2 people)


Most flights operate with a minimum of 2 passengers and depart from Rose Bay.

Maximum passenger weight limit is 130kg and availability is subject to other passenger weights on flights.

The aircrafts are de Havilland Beavers which have been completely refurbished with leather seats, and are always impeccably maintained.

If you have any questions regarding the Seaplane flights, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

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