A marriage proposal is likely to be one of the most iconic moments in both your lives and making it extra special is part of the experience. Although it can be nerve racking it is also a lot of fun to plan. 

There are many ideas for marriage proposals and if you’re planning on popping the big question to your loved one then you should consider  proposing on a charter boat. What better way to propose than on one of the most beautiful Harbours in the World. Sydney is lucky to have this stunning water setting to surround the city with picturesque scenery, so make the most of it!

Why are marriage proposals on Boats so popular?

Charter boats are becoming more popular for proposals for Sydney locals as well as travellers taking the extra planning steps to propose in Sydney during their holiday getaway.

Charter boats offer the following advantages for proposals:

  • They offer an intimate space for the 2 of you
  • Total isolation from the public 
  • Variety of boarding locations
  • Unobstructed views
  • Surprise factor is huge

As opposed to proposing in a public space, with charter boats there is no interruption from other factors such as other people, traffic, loud noises from construction sites, or whatever it may be. The risk of distractions are minimal on charter boats.

What are some proposal ideas on Charter Boats?

We have organised many proposals for clients which have all been successful, we’d love to continue that :). Each proposal is different and unique to the individual. Below are some ideas of proposing on a charter boats:

Proposal with a view

It’s the simplest and most common but so effective and romantic. The passengers board the boat and cruise around the Harbour. Cruising underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge and past the Opera House is a marvel in itself. As you cruise sit back and enjoy a bottle of sparkling as the Captain then anchors in a calm bay with a stunning view. The boat is now a bit more stable and it’s the perfect time to propose.

Proposal followed by a surprise meeting by family & friends

If you would like to engage the family members & friends into the special occasion, you could propose on the boat and then have the skipper pick-upfamily and friends as a surprise for your partner to celebrate the occasion.

Another idea is hire a small boat or a water taxi, propose, then continue on to see your loved ones on a bigger boat to continue celebrating.

This would be a fun way to get everyone together and continues the surprises. You could incorporate a lunch on the boat with the family to make it a more lengthy special occasion. 

Overnight Experience 

To step it up a notch and really experience the Harbour in all its glory is to do an overnight charter.

There are charter boats that allow an overnight with your own cabin and bathroom. 

Platinum charter boat sydney

You could board the boat late in the afternoon, again as a surprise. Tell your partner you have organised a scenic cruise before dinner. The Captain will cruise you around the Harbour taking in the beautiful sites and then anchor somewhere for that romantic unobstructed setting.

From here you would have dinner set-up by the crew on board the dining table. You could even have a chef prepare a 3 course meal for a unique restaurant on a boat experience. There’s no limit.

The next day is magical. Seeing the city and Harbour come alive after sunrise is pure magic. The Harbour is calm and still with the absence of Harbour traffic. It feels like you own the Harbour at that time. You’ll have to experience it to really appreciate it.

Then imagine having a fresh breakfast on the boat surrounded by water better than any restaurant water view.

Beneteau First 40 sailing boat Sydney

This extravagant idea doesn’t have to cost thousands. There are smaller boats that cost less. You’ll have a skipper take you out on a Harbour cruise where he will then anchor and leave you there for the evening with a dinner platter onboard. Total privacy for you and you partner. The next morning the skipper return to take you back to shore.




The only question would be when to propose, sunset or sunrise or just whenever you feel is the right time. It’s up to you.

Note: Best to tell your partner that you will be staying in a hotel after dinner so they are prepared. Or if you are well organised, have their bags packed and deliver them to the boat the morning of the special day.

View our Overnight Boat Charter page

Other ideas for your boat proposal

Proposing on a boat will create the most remarkable time for both of you. So why not make it extra special with some other services such as: 

Wedding proposal on boat with electric candles
  • Hire a musician to play love songs just for the 2 of you. 
  • For night charters, arrange some battery candles to be a walk way to the boat and on the boat.
  • Have flowers ready on board to give to your partner after they say “yes”.
  • Hire a Pop up picnic for that secluded cosy beach or park setting.

    There are many third party services that can assist you with the above.

Seaplane and Boat Proposal

Seaplane flights Sydney

We can even incorporate a Sydney Seaplane for a real romantic excursion. Start the day by boarding the Seaplane in Rose Bay and taking an amazing scenic seaplane flight around the Harbour then get picked up by boat to take you out in the Harbour for a private delicious seafood lunch. 





Let’s not forget music! Music is a great way to set the mood and there is no feeling quite like asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you with the song that meant something special to both of you. All the charter boats have a sound system and most offer Bluetooth connection for a seamless operation. 

The skippers love being involved with boat charter proposals and is probably the most rewarding type of cruise, being one to remember for ever. The couple have a unique story to tell that would be the envy of any listener.

If you need assistance with a proposal on a boat, the team at Sydney Harbour Specialists are only happy to help. We really enjoy putting these cruises together and making it an amazing Harbour experience.