COVID-19 – Restrictions
Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, the charter boats must comply with the following:

– The charter boats can only take passengers according to the 4 square meter rule. This means that boats are taking less than their usual capacity. The options provided are based on your charter request.

– Guests must practice social distancing by maintaining a 1.5m distance from others during the cruise unless from the same household.

– It is a requirement that guests must be seated while eating and drinking.

– Dancing is not permitted in groups while onboard.

– If guests show flu like symptoms they are not to attend the cruise for the health & safety of others.

– A list of passengers’ names and contact numbers is required prior to the charter. The charter boat will also require all passengers to sign in with a QR Code prior to boarding.

COVID 19 – Free Cancelation Policy

Most charter boats are offering the below COVID cancelation policy:

If COVID-19 restrictions imposed by Government prevent your charter from going ahead as planned, you will be offered either a postponement to another available date within a year, or a full refund.

This policy comes into place with the following conditions: 

– The vessel’s passenger limit has changed due to COVID-19 restrictions, and the passenger limit is lower than the original passenger numbers booked for that charter.
example: If you book a boat for 20 passengers, and restrictions increase to force that boat to now only take up to 10 passengers.

– The Charter Boat booked is not able to operate as a service due to COVID-19 restrictions.

This COVID-19 Cancelation policy must be applied at least 7 days prior to the charter date.

Any other reasons due to COVID-19 restrictions do not apply to this cancelation policy and normal terms and conditions would apply.