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Aerobatics Flight (30 min)
You will be strapped you securely into the Robin 2160 aerobatic training aircraft and fasten your headphones. Your instructor will proceed to give you a briefing on the aircraft’s controls and operations. You will be able to hear all the calls to air traffic control and speak to your pilot through the intercom.

Once airborne you'll fly west towards the foothills of the Great Dividing Range, over St Mary’s (the designated training area). You’ll climb to 3500ft - 4000ft as you start with some basic manoeuvres - like loops, barrel rolls, wingovers and hammer head turns.

After warming you up your pilot will put all these elements together into an adrenaline inducing sequence of the type used in air shows; and which were developed in WWI, where fighter pilots like Baron Von Richthofen (the Red Baron) and other flying aces performed these complicated aerial moves to avoid being shot down in deadly dog fights.

After touch down back at the air base it will be hard to wipe the smile off your face.


AU$330.00 per person

Duration: 30 minutes


Aerobatic Flights

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