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Aerobatics Flight (30 min)
Get a taste of the Red Bull Air Race right here in Sydney and experience neck numbing aerobatics at their most extreme.

From the same stable as the Extra 300, a featured aircraft in the Red Bull Air Race, the Extra 200 has a top speed of 410 km/h, a climb rate of 2000 feet per minute and a staggering roll rate of 360 degrees per second. It is rated to a neck numbing positive 8 G’s and negative 8 G’s!

Once airborne you’ll head west towards the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. Over St Mary’s (in the designated training area) you’ll climb to 3500ft - 4000ft. You’ll start with some basic manoeuvres, such as loops, barrel rolls, wingovers and hammer head turns. Your pilot may also treat you to some inverted flight - flying upside down. Your pilot will explain each manoeuvre as they happen.

This flight is not for the faint hearted! You’ll experience G forces of anywhere between +8G and -4G, alternatively being pushed into your seat or pulled hard against your harness. The large bubble canopy will give you unrivalled, uninterrupted views of the surrounding landscape.

The Red Bull Stunt Plane is made of the latest in carbon fibre composite technology combined with a proven steel airframe construction. This allows the Extra to withstand the immense forces exerted upon it during flight while maintaining it’s relatively light weight.

This is the most extreme aerobatic flight experience available in Sydney.


AU$595.00 per person

Duration: 30 minutes

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