Aerobatic Flights Sydney

The best aerobatic flights in Sydney, a variety of aerobatic flights to choose from to suit the individual for an adrenaline pumping ride!

These are scenic flights like no other. Aerobatic flights provide a fun and adventurous way to experience Sydney from the sky. The aircrafts used are the Pitts Special S2A bi-plane, the Robin 2160 aerobatic trainer, and the Extra 330LX aircraft, all capable of various aerobatic manoeuvres, and operated out of Bankstown Airport by an elite and experienced team.

The pilot will take you to a specific air space to perform exciting aerobatic manoeuvres such as loops and rolls. Guaranteed to put a smile on any thrill seeker!

Aerobatics Flight (30 min)

AU$547 per person

Extreme Aerobatics Flight (20 min)

AU$547 per person

– All aircraft are subject to passenger maximum height and weight limitations.

– To fly in the open cockpit Pitts Special S2A bi-plane; passengers height must not exceed 190cm (6’4″) and weight must not exceed 100kg (220lbs).

– To fly in the Robin 2160; passengers height must not exceed 198cm (6’6″) and weight must not exceed 110kg (242lbs).

– If a passenger’s height or weight is over the limitation for the Pitts Special a Robin may be substituted for selected flights.

– Passengers must be in good physical health

– The aircrafts are rigged with state of the art cameras to record the flight from certain angles including one at the passenger. A DVD can be purchased after your flight.

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