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Aerobatics Flight (30 min)
Flight: Intense Aerobatic Experience in the Open Canopy Red Baron Pitts Special

Upon your arrival at Red Baron HQ, Bankstown, you will climb into a flight-suit and prepare to board. Your pilot will strap you securely into the open-air cockpit of the Pitts Special S2A aerobatic bi-plane and fasten your headphones and flight helmet. There will be plenty of time for your family and friends to take photographs of you as you prepare for your flight. When you are secure, your pilot will prepare the plane for take off. You’ll be able to hear all the calls to air traffic control and speak to your pilot through the intercom.

Once airborne you’ll head west towards the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. Over St Mary’s- in the designated training area- you’ll climb to 3500ft-4000ft. You’ll start with some basic manoeuvres- like loops, barrel rolls, wingovers and hammer head turns- to get the feel of things. Your pilot may also treat you to some inverted flight- flying upside down- and to a hesitation roll- a four-point roll where you pause and fly straight ahead at each quarter turn! Your pilot will explain each manoeuvre as you go through it.

Once you're comfortable with the basics and after a couple of spins to shake things out your pilot will put all these elements together into an adrenaline-inducing sequence of the type used in competition aerobatics.

After your adrenalin pumping aerial ballet you'll head back to Bankstown. Landing back at Red Baron HQ you'll be hard-pressed to stop smiling for the rest of the day!


AU$547 per person

Duration: 60 minute experience (Includes 30 minutes flying time)


  • Altitude of 3500-4000ft
  • Over St Mary’s and the foothills of the Great Dividing Range
  • Loops, barrel rolls, wingovers, hammerhead turns, inverted flight, hesitation roll, Cuban eights
  • You’ll experience between 3 to 6G

What to Bring/Wear

  • Loose comfortable clothing suitable to the weather on the day.
  • Wear sturdy, enclosed shoes.
  • Sunglasses are helpful as the glare off clouds can be quite severe.
  • A windproof jacket and scarf (optional and not required in summer).
  • Bring your camera for ground shots with the plane.
  • Hair tie for long hair.

What is Supplied

  • Flight suit to protect your clothes and make you look like part of the crew.
  • Professional pilots and instruction.
  • Drinking Water.

Maximum passenger weight is 90kg

Aerobatic Flights

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